Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Offered for sale is this 96 page catalog of the National Radio Supply Company.  Issued in 1920, this 96 page catalog shows hundreds of wireless and early radio sets, detectors, amplifiers, spark gaps, loose couplers, transmitters, keys, and parts.

Shown are: Grebe CR2, CR6, CR7, RORB, RPDA and others.  Deforest 15 Panel, Type O transmitter, T-200, P-300 and others.  Universal (Mignon) Type 36 detector unit and S1 variometer. Hytone quenched spark gap transmitter, Wireless Improvement Company detector box, Amrad quenched spark gap and coil, Arnold loose coupler, Clapp Eastham transformer, Ace Detector unit, and much more apparatus.  There is also a full page devoted the the "recent" Marconi/DeForest V. T. (tube).

This original catalog is in nice condition with no rips or tears, and has crisp graphics.

I gladly accept other methods of payment.  Sold as is FOB Oley, PA.  PA buyers must add 6% sales tax.  Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

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